a little about me

i'm really excited to be participating in the send something good project - formally know as package pals - hosted by gentri, kaitlyn, and kristy. basically a bunch of us bloggers signed up to send a fun package to another blogger. unlike previous swaps that i have participated in, who is assigned to who remains a secret. it's up to me to learn about this person and figure out what they would like to receive in their package.

in an effort to keep things simple, get to know more bloggers, and also to provide information about myself and what i like, i am linking up this post with the send something good gals. you can link up on either one of their blogs, or at the bottom of this post.

in addition to (or possible overlapping) my about me page and random facts (including my recent "7 questions" posts), here is a little more info about yours truly :)

  1. i love, love, love taking photos, more as a hobby than anything else. i really enjoy shooting with film, mostly 35mm or disposable cameras. but i'm constantly shooting with my iphone as well.
  2. i'm pretty obsessed with my iphone (in case that hasn't come across in my posts, lol).
  3. i've recently been focusing on living a healthier lifestyle. i'm trying to eat healthier (which is hard! haha), and i've joined a local gym. i've already noticed a difference in how my clothes fit, and working out has become a habit for me now... i make sure to fit it in my schedule whenever i can.
  4. even though i try to eat healthy, i LOVE chocolate, and popcorn. yum :) oh, and steak. filet mignon. yes please.
  5. i'm pretty addicted to target. i'm there at least 2-3 times a week. it's kind of ridiculous.
  6. i love totes, clutches, coin purses, and makeup bags.
  7. i love adding items to my growing makeup collection, especially eye shadows and lip products, even though i need to cool it soon... that money adds up! haha.
  8. my favorite tv shows right now are: game of thrones, east bound and down, the killing, new girl, modern family, revenge, grey's anatomy, i survived, and how i met your mother. i watch a lot of  too much tv.
  9. i'm going to vegas memorial day weekend with chester & our friends and i'm SO excited! this will be my 6th vegas trip, but it really is different every time i go.
  10. i'm really becoming a serious apple fangirl.
  11. i enjoy crafting, and have been itching to make something new this month.
  12. i'm turning 28 next month on the 20th :)
  13. i love to read, but it's been so long since i've read a book :( sadness. next on the list are devil in the white city and the game of thrones books. i'm pretty open to suggestions though, if anyone has any :)
  14. i love good design. i wish i was better at graphic design myself. i can manage ok on some client stuff at work, but i should just stick to video ;)
  15. my favorite color is blue, and i really like heather grey too.
  16. i had blue streaks in my hair for a couple years, and now i have purple and brown... pb & j, as chester calls it. but i've been debating on getting rid of the purple only b/c it's so expensive to maintain. BUT i really do love it, so we'll see how long i keep it
that's about all i can think of right now. if you're a new reader, thanks so much for stopping by! and if 
you're not, thanks for coming back! at the beginning of the year i promised to be better about posting regularly on this blog, and i think i've done a pretty good job so far :) i plan to keep it up!

until next time,


  1. Hi! I found you through this link-up! I've been reading everyones fun facts about themselves and can't waaaait to see what my secret package pal sends me!!

    I'm your newest follower. :)


  2. I'm addicted to Target as well!
    Revenge and How I Met Your Mother are two of the best shows on TV right now!

  3. Hi sweet lady! I found your blog via the link up on Gentri Lee's! I'm SO GLAD that I did! I'm your newest follower. xoxo

  4. i like your blog - i just get a good feeling from it...

    i'd be curious to see which one of us is more obsessed with our iphone - my relationship with mine is beyond intense!

  5. i'm just starting to learn how to take photos with the DSLR i got at christmas time. it feels so incredible when i get a good shot. though i'm not entirely sure how i do that yet ;)

    i'm also on the path to a fuller, stronger lifestyle (i try to avoid the word "healthy" because i think "health" is a manufactured product sold to us by the media and medical industry)... good luck to you on your journey!

    glad to have you participating in Send Something Good! talk to you soon!

  6. LOVE your list!! I am trying to be healthier too. I've never struggled for time to fit it in before, but now? I have no time! UG!

  7. oh my oh my oh my! can we PLEASE be friends? this is my first time reading your blog, but i'm def a new follower. :) totally agree about photography and target, 2 things i can't live without!! and i'm trying to get healthy as well, but it is NOT easy sometimes.
    xoxo, lauren

  8. i am so glad you are addicted to target and that you posted that.
    i thought about doing it on mine but i didn't want to expose myself like that :)
    xx jes, www.twosmuppies.com

  9. Okay. I watch too much TV as well... New Girl, Modern Family, Revenge, Glee, Make It or Break It, Pretty Little Liars, 90210, The Voice, Dance Moms... I feel you sister. And as for the rest of your list... We are like the same person

    xo-Deidre deejmbl.blogspot.com

  10. Hope you have a blast in Vegas! I was just there housesitting for my cousin. I love the desert!

  11. i keep seeing these acceptances everywhere! can't wait to see what you get ; )

  12. Just found your blog through the do something good link up and am finally getting around to commenting! Such an adorable blog that you have here- I love the format and the simplicity of the look. My husband read all the game of thrones that are out so far and he absolutely loves them so you should go get started on them!

    Is there a way I can follow your blog?

  13. just found you through the link up... i have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle as well. it definitely is tough. and sometimes you need to indulge a little...chocolate and popcorn are great choices. yum!

  14. Oooh lady, I love me some steak; I seriously think I could never get enough of Prime Rib, so good! & How I Met Your Mother has to be one of the best shows ever; I want to be best friends with Barney, true story! ;)

  15. I am disgustingly obsessed with chocolate! I eat way too much of it every single day! And I love taking photos too! Can't wait to read more of your blog and see more of your pretty photos!