new blog location!

alrighty kids, i'm moving my blog! thanks for everything blogger, it's been great, but tumblr is a lot more fun. (sorry). it's been quite a long time since my last post, and with the new year (already 2 months in), i decided it was time for a new blog location. so from now on, please visit for updates.

i decided to post a few of my favorite photos from my 5 month blogging hiatus. enjoy!

for more pictures, check out my flickr.

(chester gifted me with a diani mini! this is one of the first photos with it. busse woods, september 2009)

(diana mini, vegas, october 2009)

(diana mini, vegas, october 2009)

(photo at minus 5 bar in vegas, october 2009)

(40DoX! photo by jason esser)

(fuji instax, new years eve, 2010)