enjoying the last beach day // our company canoe trip (video here) // belgian fest 2013 // flights at pig minds

soo, it's been quite a while since i was back here. sorry about that! i've kept pretty busy, enjoying the last bit of summer here before fulling embracing the fall. who am i kidding, i was ready for fall about a month ago, haha. i was so glad to finally enjoy a day at the beach this summer (right before labor day), and we had some awesomely hot weather for our annual c22 canoe trip. chester and i have been enjoying our beers on the weekends, and stopped by pig minds back home while visiting my parents last weekend. it's been a fun month or so! and here's what i've been up to more recently.

reading: i finally finished the spectacular now! although i wasn't blown away by the ending, i did like the book a lot. i'm curious to see how it translated to the movie screen. i have a few books to choose from to start reading now, but i'm always looking for suggestions if anyone has any!

watching: um, boardwalk empire! i am so excited that it's back! and i really liked this last season of the newsroom. i hope it comes back for a 3rd season. i'm glad that the mindy project and new girl are back as well. looks like there will be a lot of new shows premiering this fall, and i'll probably watch about 90% of them. haha.

listening to: i'm diggin the new september mixtape from Did YHTN. i've also created a fall playlist on spotify, if you'd like to check that out.

looking forward to: all of the things! chester and i are going to goose island's block party tomorrow. i'm really excited about trying some of the BCS's on tap. we're going to goose island again next friday for their oktoberfest, then we'll join my family up in wisconsin for the new glarus oktoberfest next saturday. stout season is going to start soon, so i'm sure chester and i will be going to a lot of beer events. we're seeing lucy rose at schubas on the 2nd. her album just became available in the U.S. this week. be sure to check it out if you haven't yet. we also just scored tickets to see william fitzsimmons at schubas in november! i cannot wait!

loving: trader joe's multiseed soy sauce rice cakes. yup. soy sauce! they are pretty tasty. i also found some roasted & salted marcona almonds at trader joe's that taste EXACTLY like the ones we ate in italy! whenever you ordered a drink they always brought you a bowl of chips or nuts, and those almonds are the best! i'm also loving the cooler weather we've been getting here. i need to start crocheting! aaaaand after 2 more payments, my honda fit is officially mine. just in time for christmas shopping. it's really perfect timing.

i hope you all have a great weekend! xoxo