shake it like a polaroid picture...

so christmas came a little early for me when my mom dug up her old polaroid camera yesterday (which still works like a charm!) and gave it to me :) i was able to snag the last pack of instant film during our black friday shopping at target early this morning and began testing the camera out.

i'll have to check out the available settings to see how/where i can control the exposure...the outdoor shots were really overexposed...but i don't mind it too much :) comes with experimentation.

oh, and i received a random fortune tonight that made me laugh:

photo fun

christmas + friends = :)

(photo by j. esser)

makeshift fisheye lens :)

i already want to add more cameras to my lomo collection, and the fisheye 2 is the next one i'm hoping to buy :) since its kinda expensive, i'm deciding to wait until after christmas shopping (and bill paying) to purchase one. HOWEVER, i stumbled across this old instructables blog about a $11 Super Wide Angle Digital Camera. the title alone got my interest right away, esp the "$11" part...haha. pretty much all you have to do is go to a hardware store (i went to lowe's) and get a door viewer, or peephole, for around $8-$11. and you basically hold the door viewer up to the lens of you digital camera, zoom through the length of it, and you have a 200 degree wide angle distortion :)

it's pretty cool! i tried it out on my older canon powershot A520 with decent results. the viewer doesn't quite fit over my lense, and i kinda have to mess with the placement of it, but the test pics turned out pretty cool. now, if i can figure out a way to attach the viewer securely to my camera, i'll be in good shape ;)

this will definitely hold me over until i can buy the fisheye :)

*you will need quite a bit of light for these shots, and using a flash will leave shadows of the door view itself. i'm excited to try it out in the sunlight :)

loving these!

motionographer recently featured a series of animations by PepperMelon for Lucchetti a few days ago. they are amazing :) so well done and funny! check all 4 spots here. my favorite is "kitchen light".


a lot has happened since i last wrote here...i ordered my 09 fit and finally got it oct. 27th! very exciting! i absolutely love it, it is amazing. lol, however, she has already suffered some sad. i was driving to my parents' house the night of the 3rd, and a deer hit me while i was on I-90!!! it was running right towards my window, and before i could react, it bumped the driver's side. it didn't hit too hard, thank goodness, but it did leave a dent and a long scratch on the driver's side. i was so bummed :( its getting fixed this week tho, so she will be as good as new soon :)

i was super excited to be a part of history this election. this was my first time voting, which i found pretty common among people i've talked to. tuesday night was amazing and moving :) i got chills listening to obama's speech. i can't even imagine how awesome it must have been to be in grant park that night.

what else... work has been pretty crazy, but it's starting to calm down a bit. i've been able to work on a lot of cool projects, so that's always fun :)

still taking pics like crazy ;) check out the latest on my flickr


"The road ahead will be long. Our climb will be steep. We may not get there in one year or even one term, but America -- I have never been more hopeful than I am tonight that we will get there. I promise you -- we as a people will get there."