can't escape it...

saw this posted on my friend's blog and thought it was a beautiful shot. and yes, i've totally fallen into the twilight obsession (the book series that is. i did see the movie, and it was awesomely bad...haha) i was so hesitant at first, but the books are very addicting. 

recent motion work

"the grove", a spot i worked on a while back for the dubai mall. its cool to see pics of it on location :) click here to see the movie.

new camera and fun new app!

(my little apartment tree)

(my favorite ornament!)

got a christmas present a little early, a new canon SX10 digital camera :) its sweet. so many more manual features than on my older canon :D

and i just downloaded this polaroid app, which is pretty awesome! its in the beta stages now, but it seems pretty cool :) (and its free!!) just drag and drop your photo and "wait" for it to develop. i like it

baby it's cold outside

my parents christmas tree :)

and another slightly random fortune from the great wall in rockford this weekend. made me laugh.

save handmade!

Save Handmade Toys

the consumer products safety improvement act, that congress passed this year, will put many small toy manufacturers, independent artisans, and crafters out of business :(  to learn more about it and ways to help out, click on the button above.

shopping in a snow storm

target w/ ssonyo after work :) ha!

i kinda want the hat, it was comfy, lol.

my log pillows!

fun little craft that i've been working on for the past few days :) i love them! (sorry the pictures aren't that great, its hard to photograph these buggers...ha)

caught up with netflix

"Run Lola Run"

it's been sitting on my desk for over 2 weeks and i finally got around to watching it tonight. i liked it :) very fun despite the plot.

everything will be okay...

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