About Me

hi, my name is steph kelly. i'm from the northern illinois area, and currently live about 30 minutes outside of chicago. i'm a digital media designer, focusing mostly on editing and motion graphics work. i love watching all kinds of movies, aside from the really scary ones. (i get scared easily). i also really enjoy photography. over the past few years i've really fallen in love with analog photography, and i love to shoot with film (35mm most often since it's still easy to get developed.) i have many examples of film and digital photography on my flickr, so be sure to check it out!

getting into photography created a slight camera obsession for me. i own quite a few lomo cameras, a nice (digital) canon camera, and i like to collect old cameras from flea markets and thrift stores. i want to start my dslr fund soon, and i can't wait to get some lenses already. ha, that will be a while though, i'm sure.

i opened my etsy shop, "Opposite Day" Shop, a little over 2 years ago. The shop currently has a good mix of accessories for everyone, including felt rosettes, crocheted goods, and fun fortune cookie cards. 

i started blogging casually in 2007, but really picked it up more over the last year. i just revamped my blogger layout, thanks to powered by pastries, and i'm excited about my "new" blog. i want to share a lot of my photography and tips, along with some crafty happenings, and some random fun facts about me.