the girl effect

i saw this video a while back on motionographer and thought it was very well done. my sister just asked me about it today, and i got chills watching it again. check it out.

busy bee

a lot has been going on since i last updated. i dyed my hair! got blue streaks :) i had been wanting to so something different w/ my hair for a while, so after i got the ok from the bosses, i finally did it! and i love it :D

there have been a few more photo adventures... shot a lot of film over labor day weekend. went to peoria to visit the sis and got some great shots by the river, then met up w/ some rockford buddies for photo fun at a park right by my house. here are a couple of my faves :)


a couple of weeks ago the group ventured out to devil's lake for a camping trip. the weather was gorgeous and the sights were beautiful. got a good workout hiking and got some much needed relaxation. i had such a blast, cannot wait to do it again. 


and just this past weekend the kelly clan made their way to colorado for my second cousin's wedding. we flew into denver and drove about an hour and a half to breckenridge for the festivities. breckenridge is a cool little artsy town, i loved it. the girls got some great shopping in before the ceremony ;) and the wedding was absolutely beautiful. dan (my cousin) and his now wife anitra were married on a mountain top! it was so amazing. lol, and it started snowing up there! luckily we weren't outside for that long. we had such a blast. and our hotel/lodge was sweet! 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, a flat screen in each of the bedrooms and main room! it was awesome. wish we could've stayed longer. definitely going back there sometime :)

i took a bunch of lomo pics while we were out there....just dropped them off to get developed, so i'll post those soon :)

for more pics from the past few weeks, check out my flickr