great weekend :)

spent the majority of the weekend outside (which hasn't happened in a long time) and finally got some swimming in!!!! good times with great friends, couldn't ask for more :)

took a ton of pictures too, mostly with my supersampler and my holga :)

*more pics on my flickr

more photo fun

yesterday i met up with a friend from college and had a photo adventure :) this is one of my favorites...the rest are on my flickr

my new favorite song :)

*john mayer-in your atmosphere (where the light is, disc 1)
i cannot stop listening to it! it's beautiful:)

it's been a crazy 2 weeks...

so for the majority of the past 2 weeks i've been traveling for work, 3 big video shoots....the last week of july i was in san jose, CA and this past week i was in pittsburgh and LA! very exciting, very tiring ;) im definitely glad to be back home (although i feel like i should be packing for

i had the most fun in LA this past week. i was able to see my one of my bosses who has been out for most of the summer, and definitely enjoyed the downtime we were lucky enough to have :) we stayed at this amazing hotel right by LAX, the Custom Hotel...."a sleek, classically modern boutique hotel". it was awesome! we got a chance to hang out by the pool and relax, and the whole place has this funky/fun vibe to it :) i loved it. although it's not within walking distance of crazy cool areas, i would recommend it to anyone visiting LA. it's incredibly reasonable, super close to LAX, and a short drive from Santa Monica, the beach, excellent shopping, etc.

*pictures from the website, exactly what it looked like :)

the first night in LA we drove to Santa Monica and hung out at the beach for a little while before dinner. first time having my toes in the pacific :)

i flew back early friday morning just in time for the C22 outing....TRAPEZING!!!! oh man, it was insane. im super scared of heights, so it was a big battle to walk up the ladder and stand with my toes on the edge of that tiny platform. i did swing once, wasn't quite able to pull off the knee hang trick i had done on the ground earlier, but i was glad that i did try. lol, however, i hit the net thinking, "wow, i did it! but, i have no desire to try this again!" hahahaha, so i sat out while others were going on their third and fourth rounds. im kinda disappointed that i didnt try again, but im also glad that i was able to jump off that ledge! big step for me :)

*picture of my friend chad, who mastered the trick and was able to do a catch!

the traveling was fun, but im really glad to be back home :)