my apologies...

for completely abandoning this blog over the summer :( there's been a lot going on around here, and when free time was available, my laziness prevailed. totally lame. things are still going to be pretty hectic for the next few months, but i'm hoping to shake this funk and return with some blog posts. and more photos too! i've been really bad about taking photos over the summer, but i will get some good ones now that fall is here! my favorite season :)

sooo, in the meantime, i'll leave you with the abc's of me. this list has made it all around the blog world (i've recently seen it on srslyliz, hellovanny and erbanstudio) and i thought i'd join in on the fun....why not right?

age: 27
bed size: full
chore you hate: cleaning the bathroom :/
dogs: none currently :( but hoping to have an italian greyhound someday
essential start to your day: a hot shower & caffeine
favorite color: blue
gold or silver: silver for sure! i can't stand gold, unless it's white gold (which it closer to silver anyway)
height:  5 ft... i'm a shorty
instruments you play: used to play the clarinet and piano back in grade school
job title: digital media designer
kids: someday, not for a long time though, lol
live: suburb of chicago, il
mother's name: connie (it's really consuelo, but she goes by connie)
nicknames: steph, skelly
overnight hospital stays: none
pet peeves: sending an IM and not responding for a long time, haha (my sister does that ALL the time), not returning calls or emails, being late
quote from a movie: "we're going to need a bigger boat." - JAWS
right or left handed: righty
siblings: younger sister sarah
time to wake up: during the week my alarm goes off at 6:40am, but i don't get out of bed til about 7:15am
underwear: great stuff ;)
vegetable you hate: tomato (it may be a fruit, but i group it with veggies)
what makes you run late: snoozing, browsing the internets
x-rays you've had: just dental
yummy food that you make: i don't really cook, but i like making my mom's "crispy chicken"
zoo animal: bears