a new year...

i made this blog thinking i'd update it frequently...lol, well....it was a nice thought ;). a lot has happened since i last posted. work is going great, def. keeping me busy. the holidays were good overall. i've developed a new interest in toy cameras, i currently own the diana+ and the action supersampler. i'm still in the learning stages, but i will post the pics that turn out. oh, and i've become addicted to amazon.com, ordering books and movies like mad ;). 

so sarah finally turned 21! very exciting. we took her out to the good ol' rockford bars, then to chicago. and since the youngest was finally legal, the kelly clan made their way out to vegas! we gambled, had fantastic food, gambled, saw the Beatles LOVE show (awesome btw), gambled, went shopping....oh! and we gambled ;) it was a great trip.

here are a few pics:

i just recently wrapped a video for LG, an entertainment piece called "Ophelia's Dream". its currently playing at fremont street (downtown vegas) on a huge display (4 blocks long). it was pretty awesome seeing it that big :)