a look at what i do for a living.

i totally meant to post this video with my currently post yesterday, and it slipped my mind when i published. i've noticed that i don't really talk about my job too much on this blog. for those of you who don't know, i'm a digital media designer at culture22. the video department (ben, brian, kevin & myself), recently finished up our 2014 reel, and i think it looks pretty damn awesome. check it out!

Culture22 - 2014 Experience Reel from Culture22 on Vimeo.


hey everyone! i'm sorry that i haven't been around at all this month. my blogging goal for 2014 is off to a rough start. but i have been pretty busy recently. chester and i are moving in together in mid-february (yay!) and we have been looking for places to rent all month. i think we have a place secured, but we will know for sure later on today. fingers crossed! i can't wait to be in a new place! i've been in my current apartment for 3 years now, so i'm ready for a change. i have started collecting boxes, and began the purging & packing process, but i really need to kick it up a notch.

anyway, just wanted to fill you guys in on the craziness. on to the currently post:

reading: in my last currently post, i talked about how much i loved the husband's secret by liane moriarty. after i finished it, i decided to check out another book by moriarty and downloaded the last anniversary. i loved it as well! i really like moriarty's characters, and how attached you feel to them over the course of a book. i would definitely recommend both of these books!

watching: so i'm really into true detective on hbo. it's only 3 episodes in, but this kind of show is right up my alley. i absolutely love it. my coworker just sent me these episode recaps, and there is already a ton of info that i failed to notice from watching each episode when it airs. i'm still watching girls, although i'm still not totally in love with it. and i'm really excited that the following is back! i have yet to watch last night's episode though. i'm still loving the mindy project, and almost screamed with excitement at the end of the last episode… if you watch, you know what i'm talking about! eek! i recently started watching damages on netflix, and i'm hooked. i'm a few episodes in to the 2nd season, and i'm happy that there are 5 seasons of that show. 

listening to: Did YHTN put out their best of 2013 mix (part 1 & part 2) recently, so i've been enjoying that a lot. i always look forward to kaelah's things i love thursday post each week, and last week she included this AMAZING playlist from the thought catalog: the 18 best 90s pop songs you forgot existed. holy crap you guys! this list is amazing! i loved ALL of these songs back in the day! if you want to take a listen on spotify, i created this playlist

excited about: visiting our friends in orange county this weekend! chester found amazingly low fares out there for this weekend, so we quickly snatched those up last november. we fly on on thursday and fly back monday evening. the timing couldn't be more perfect, since we are in the second wave of the polar vortex or whatever here in the chicagoland area. seriously, i'm used to the midwest winters being shitty, but we have been lucky the past few winters and this one is really testing my patience. it will be nice to have a long weekend with really decent weather. oh, and i'm excited about moving in with chester of course :)

loving: believe it or not, i'm really into cooking a lot of my work lunches and snacks lately. i know this is pretty normal for a lot of you that are eating clean, but it's a little new for me. even though i try to stay healthy, i usually always went out to buy my lunches. i love to roast veggies, they taste so good that way! my favorites are roasted brussels sprouts, green beans, zucchini and edamame. i want to try roasted cauliflower soon too.

thanks for sticking around guys! i probably won't post much, if at all, until we move in to our new place. after that's all done, i will get into a better blogging schedule. in the meantime, keep up with me on instagram :)

happy new year! and a look back...

hey everyone! sorry it's been quite a bit since i posted here. i got pretty wrapped up with christmas shopping and prepping for the holidays, and work was pretty busy, too. now that things are slowing down, i hope to get some more posts up soon.

i hope you all had a great holiday season! i was able to hang out in rockford with my family for several days over christmas, and spent some time with chester's family as well. new years eve was a quiet one for him and i, as we decided to stay in and relax. the weather around the chicago land area was a big factor, and we are still getting a ton of snow!

2013 was a great year, and i wanted to post a photo recap of my favorite memories from it. if 2014 is anything like this year (i feel like it's going to be even better!), i cannot wait!

as always, thanks for stopping by! hopefully your transition back into a normal schedule goes smoothly tomorrow. all i'm hoping for is to be able to drive out of my parking lot... this snow is insane!

until next time! xoxo