happy new year! and a look back...

hey everyone! sorry it's been quite a bit since i posted here. i got pretty wrapped up with christmas shopping and prepping for the holidays, and work was pretty busy, too. now that things are slowing down, i hope to get some more posts up soon.

i hope you all had a great holiday season! i was able to hang out in rockford with my family for several days over christmas, and spent some time with chester's family as well. new years eve was a quiet one for him and i, as we decided to stay in and relax. the weather around the chicago land area was a big factor, and we are still getting a ton of snow!

2013 was a great year, and i wanted to post a photo recap of my favorite memories from it. if 2014 is anything like this year (i feel like it's going to be even better!), i cannot wait!

as always, thanks for stopping by! hopefully your transition back into a normal schedule goes smoothly tomorrow. all i'm hoping for is to be able to drive out of my parking lot... this snow is insane!

until next time! xoxo

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