i did it...

i broke down today and ordered one of these! i can't wait! my diana+ is making a comeback in my life ;)

new projects

two fun new projects i've done recently :)

i bought this cute bag pattern off etsy about a week ago. when my joel dewberry fabric arrived in the mail, i brought all the supplies home and my mom and i sewed up a storm ;) (she did the majority of the sewing, since i'm still pretty new to her machine). i absolutely LOVE it! it turned out awesome, thanks to mama kelly. it took us about 3 hours to finish it, but i think the next time around will go much faster. i plan on making a few for the etsy shop, so stay tunned!

*i'm still completely in love with his woodgrain fabric :)

i had some fabric left over from a few log pillows, and i decided to make this little guy. it was my first attempt at sewing stumps on a log "pillow". turned out pretty good ;) this little dude is going up in the shop as soon as i can take more pics of him

next up i'm planning on making a few brooches, along with a bag and more pillows for the shop :)

and good times were had by all...

snagged a few photos of last night's festivities from jon's camera :)

the etsy shop is up!!!

very excited about the opening of the "opposite day" shop on etsy this evening :) tim and i have a few items each to get started (that are all ready to be shipped) while we are working on more additions. i made three new log pillows, with fun little accents and tim released his super cool shoe designs. we're pretty excited! check it out