the dark knight

incredibly amazing! i won't go into a long blog post about how much i loved this just go see it! :D

worth your time

so i was at target yesterday waiting for my supersampler film to be developed when i stumbled upon a documentary called "the 11th hour". i had heard about this film when it was coming out in theaters, but wasn't able to find a theater near me that was showing it. it's only $4.99, so i picked it up and watched it last night. it's produced and narrated by leonardo dicaprio (already a thumbs up, haha) and talks about the huge impact that the human race has made on the planet recently, focusing mostly on the climate change/global warming. it was very well done, and after watching it, i immediately wanted to go out and do something about it, make a serious change...that's how effective this film is! whether you believe in global warming or not, i highly recommend watching this film. it will really make you think.

*and here's one of my favorites from the supersampler film, taken @ the taste this year

so for the past day or so, people have been talking about this on twitter. it's a site that lets you update tons of different social networking sites from one location. you can do it online at (which is what i'm doing right now), or you can set it up to update from your IM account or email. it's beta right now, and you need a beta code to create an account...but i was able to find one fairly easily just by googling it (dreamofping). so far so good, im liking it :)

i ♥ WALL•E!!!

this past week has been a big movie week for me. saw pixar's latest, *WALL•E*,  2 sundays ago, *Wanted* this past tuesday, *Hancock* on thursday, and *WALL•E* again yesterday :) i highly recommend this one, it's incredibly touching and WALL•E is beyond adorable!!! i have always been a big fan of pixar's stuff, and this movie easily rises to the top of my list. so go see it! you'll thank me ;)

as for *Wanted* and *Hancock*, both were entertaining movies, but i liked *Hancock* a little better. Will Smith does another amazing job :) he's awesome (♥). James MacAvoy (another ♥) also does a great job in his film. 

next up,  *The Dark Knight*! cannot wait!