i ♥ WALL•E!!!

this past week has been a big movie week for me. saw pixar's latest, *WALL•E*,  2 sundays ago, *Wanted* this past tuesday, *Hancock* on thursday, and *WALL•E* again yesterday :) i highly recommend this one, it's incredibly touching and WALL•E is beyond adorable!!! i have always been a big fan of pixar's stuff, and this movie easily rises to the top of my list. so go see it! you'll thank me ;)

as for *Wanted* and *Hancock*, both were entertaining movies, but i liked *Hancock* a little better. Will Smith does another amazing job :) he's awesome (♥). James MacAvoy (another ♥) also does a great job in his film. 

next up,  *The Dark Knight*! cannot wait!

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