worth your time

so i was at target yesterday waiting for my supersampler film to be developed when i stumbled upon a documentary called "the 11th hour". i had heard about this film when it was coming out in theaters, but wasn't able to find a theater near me that was showing it. it's only $4.99, so i picked it up and watched it last night. it's produced and narrated by leonardo dicaprio (already a thumbs up, haha) and talks about the huge impact that the human race has made on the planet recently, focusing mostly on the climate change/global warming. it was very well done, and after watching it, i immediately wanted to go out and do something about it, make a serious change...that's how effective this film is! whether you believe in global warming or not, i highly recommend watching this film. it will really make you think.

*and here's one of my favorites from the supersampler film, taken @ the taste this year

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