another skin post

***i kind of hesitated on writing this post, b/c who really cares about my current skin predicament besides me (haha), BUT i figured a few of you might have some suggestions :) ***

for most of my life, i've been lucky enough to have pretty clear skin. in my teenage years i would break out a bit, but it was nothing too crazy...usually only a few blemishes at a time, and never really in clusters. as i'm getting into my late 20s, my skin has started to freak out a bit. ok, to start, i don't have a good diet at all. and i know that's one of the most important things for clear skin. that and exercise, which i'm also terrible at, but i'm trying to get better about that!

i started using the oil cleansing method a while back, which i've blogged about here, and that was working alright. and then i discovered lush products. i had heard such great things about their skincare line, so i went in and walked out with a few great samples. i liked everything, so when i got a few giftcards for my birthday, i stocked up on some full sized goodies: grease lighting spot treatment, cosmetic warrior mask, tea tree toner, herbalism cleanser, ultra bland cleanser, and enzymion facial moisturizer. sooo pretty much a whole new skin care routine. and i was excited! until i started to break out...bad. i know when switching to a new skincare regimen, it takes weeks for your skin to adjust, and often it gets worse before it gets better. but it's been about a month and it's still pretty bad :( i had big (painful) blemishes in big clusters, and even if i left them alone, they still left scars.

so sadly, i  recently cut out most of the lush products out of my skincare routine. i'm still having new breakouts in the same areas, which is frustrating, but they are a bit smaller. and the scarring is still all over.

i'm not sure if i'm just not giving my skin enough time to adjust to the lush products, or if they truly don't work for me. ugh, sadness. anyway, i've done some online research, but if anyone has any suggestions, i would love to hear them! i'm really trying to get this under control and not go to a dermatologist...only b/c my work changed our healthcare provider and the copay is twice as much now :/ boo. haha.

hope everyone is having a great start to the week. i'll be back soon with some regular posts, and some new photos :)

~ steph

i'm still here!

it's been a while since my last post, and i've kept quite busy over the last few weeks. i have also been trying to "disconnect" a little bit on the weekends. it's become second nature to check my iphone every now & then, and i almost miss the time when i didn't have a smart phone (not that long ago actually). so i'm trying to resist the urge to check twitter & facebook so frequently, and actually enjoy the company of those around me :)

i had a photo adventure memorial day weekend and finally dug up some of my film cameras. i finished quite a few rolls from forever ago, and thought i would share my favorites:

in flight from las vegas back home to chicago last october.

i almost forgot i still had these photos! snowpocalypse 2011!

and these are recent, roaming around abandoned areas with kristin.

the main reason for the photo adventure was shoot portraits/headshots for a friend. i'm still working and editing those photos, but i'll share them here soon.

my next post will be more structured, but i just wanted to pop in and say hello! oh, totally random, but if you haven't heard of/checked out epic meal time's youtube channel, do it. seriously. it's hilarious. my friends and i actually watched every single video one night. "that's smart!"

til next time,