i'm still here!

it's been a while since my last post, and i've kept quite busy over the last few weeks. i have also been trying to "disconnect" a little bit on the weekends. it's become second nature to check my iphone every now & then, and i almost miss the time when i didn't have a smart phone (not that long ago actually). so i'm trying to resist the urge to check twitter & facebook so frequently, and actually enjoy the company of those around me :)

i had a photo adventure memorial day weekend and finally dug up some of my film cameras. i finished quite a few rolls from forever ago, and thought i would share my favorites:

in flight from las vegas back home to chicago last october.

i almost forgot i still had these photos! snowpocalypse 2011!

and these are recent, roaming around abandoned areas with kristin.

the main reason for the photo adventure was shoot portraits/headshots for a friend. i'm still working and editing those photos, but i'll share them here soon.

my next post will be more structured, but i just wanted to pop in and say hello! oh, totally random, but if you haven't heard of/checked out epic meal time's youtube channel, do it. seriously. it's hilarious. my friends and i actually watched every single video one night. "that's smart!"

til next time,


  1. i think it is so great to disconnect for a while.

    & i am loving all these photo, especially that first one. looks like you had a fun time. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, I love these pictures! That first one is BEAUTIFUL!
    It's always good to take a step back every now and then from the world of technology. It seriously can take hold of you! I almost miss the times when no one had cell phones...almost :)

  3. ah! your double exposures are BEAUTIFUL! and the fisheyes...swoon! thanks for your DianaMini tips, i'm going to switch to N and hopefully things are a little more clear... :)