for any new readers out there...

i just wanted to say hello to any new readers and thanks for stopping by! i just recently finished my about me page, but thought it would be fun to include some other facts about me.

  1. i LOVE steak, bacon-wrapped filets are my fav.
  2. when i was little i wanted to be an animator at Disney.
  3. my top 3 favorite movies are "Jaws", "Man on Fire", and "The Dark Knight".
  4. my go-to movie (that i could watch ANYTIME) is "The Dark Knight".
  5. my guilty pleasure movie is "Practical Magic".
  6. i really like denzel washington and bradley cooper.
  7. i watch waaay to much t.v., and have about 5 favorite t.v. shows at a time (currently "The Chicago Code", "Law & Order: SVU", "Modern Family", "Grey's Anatomy", and "Jersey Shore". i'm exited for "True Blood", "Boardwalk Empire" and "The League" to come back, too).
  8. i can get pretty emotional sometimes, and cry more often than i'd like to admit.
  9. i'm a packrat.
  10. i love to crochet and sew.
  11. i love all kinds of music, and a few of my favorite musicians are: John Mayer, Ingrid Michaelson, Michael Jackson, Stars, The Beatles, and Bill Ricchini.
  12. my favorite song is "Billie Jean".
  13. i'm a tshirt-and-jeans kind of girl, and own a ton of Threadless shirts.
  14. i have bizarre phobias, like not finding parking in a congested city environment.
  15. i like to gamble. roulette is my favorite so far...i always play 20 & 23.
  16. my family is extremely tight knit, and i love it.
  17. my friends are like my second family, and i'm so lucky to have them.
  18. i've been out of the country once, to peru with my spanish class in high school.
  19. i've lived in illinois all my life.
  20. i currently live with my two good friends from college, jon and jeremy.
  21. i'm definitely a "mac".
  22. my favorite animal is a great white shark.
  23. i'm very protective of my loved ones.
  24. popcorn and (anything) chocolate are my favorite snacks.
  25. i still can't believe anyone actually reads these posts, haha. despite my blogger stats ;)

i'm pretty excited for this weekend since i'll be spending it with my family. my dad got amazing tickets to the cubs vs. brewers game tomorrow in milwaukee (2nd row, right by the visitors' dugout!) there will probably be another image heavy "my weekend in photos" post coming up, too. haha.

in other news, i just signed up for a  30 day premium membership over at pugly pixel, and scored some sweet downloads! i'm excited to use it in the new posts. it's really a steal, so be sure to check it out. she also has some great freebies as well.
(hopefully it doesn't feel like i overuse katrina's clip art on this blog :/ it's all gorgeous so it's hard not to spruce up a post with it.)

hope you all have a great weekend!



  1. Fun post! Thanks for sharing. ;) I'm definitely a Mac too.

  2. you are adorbs! I live about five hours away from you! Up by the Mississippi in Wisconsin. Check out my bloggie. :)

  3. thanks ladies! mac 4 life! haha.

    and your blog is super cute liz! thanks for sharing.