my weekend in photos

the last few weekends have been pretty damn amazing, and this weekend was no different :) saturday the family and i drove up to milwaukee for the cubs vs. brewers game. my parents and sister went to a game opening weekend, but this was my first cubs game of the season and i was excited. one thing i really like about miller park is that you can tailgate! and we did :) i felt like i ate my weight in pasta salad and brats, lol. one of my dad's vendors has amazing season tickets, right behind the visitors' dugout, and he's been generous enough to give us the tickets to a few cubs games. it's pretty cool to be able to yell at the players as they come in from the outfield and know that they can hear you.

unfortunately, the cubs lost (didn't even make a run), and ended up losing the series, too :( hopefully they'll get it together for the next series. one cool thing though, the kelly clan made it on tv! pretty awesome!

today (sunday), we were up bright and early for the shamrock shuffle downtown. my mom, my sister sarah, and sarah's boyfriend bradley ran the race...and my dad, sarah's roommate, and myself came out to support them. we were able to see them start the race, then bummed around the bean for a bit before meeting up with them at the buckingham fountain. it was a hot day in the mid 80s, which is pretty warm for chicago this time of year. it felt weird wearing a tank top, shorts and flip flops...but it was definitely a good idea. as always, i was snapping quite a few photos :) i can never resist photos of the buildings downtown, or of the bean. i always look like a tourist.

after the race, we all headed back to sarah's condo, freshened up, and headed out to bucktown for a late lunch at belly shack. my sister found this little gem a few years back and it is unbelievable! i recommend the korean bbq beef and the chocolate chip bacon icecream!

ha, and as always, i underestimated the power of the sun. didn't think i needed any sunscreen today, and now i'm nursing a sweet sunburn :/ yikes. lots of aloe in my future. hopefully it won't hurt too bad tomorrow.

hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well! what did you do? :)



  1. hi, stephanie! so nice to "meet" you. you have such a beautiful blog, instant follow. <3 :]

  2. that just made my day, thanks so much kinsey!

  3. love the pictures from downtown. cute!!