30 photos

i've seen the 30 photo post pop up on quite a few blogs, most recently on srslyliz and blue pea. since i'm kind of a photo nut, i wanted to get in on the fun. it was really hard to choose just one photo for a few of these, so i added some more in a couple spots. here it goes:

1. someone i spend a lot of time with - my friends dana, ryan, and kristin. and chester of course.

2. a picture of myself - taken by kyle lamere of i shoot rockstars!

3. a picture of someone in the family - my cousin ruben, he lives in texas and this was his first time playing in the snow :)

4. a picture of something that makes you happy - my sister sarah when she's goofing off. she makes me laugh so much it almost hurts.

5. an old picture of myself - hanging at edwards in 2006, and then baby steph.

6. a picture of a sibling - my sister sarah.

7. a class photo - couldn't find one :/

8. a random photo of you and your significant other - pocketbooth fun.

9. a picture i've never posted before - hanging out in peru...long before facebook and twitter, or even a digital camera for that matter ;)

10. a relative of mine - well more than one, a few of my cousins on my mom's side.

11. a person i can tell everything to - my mom :)

12. a picture of my everyday life - my little "office" in my room.

13. a picture from a place i love - las vegas baby!

14. a picture that reminds me of old times - hanging out in college, either at my friend's place or at uno's on thursdays.

15. a picture from a great night - there have been so many recently, but i had a blast at dana, tim, and jackie's combo birthday party.

16. an unusual picture - ha, this is VERY unusual because i usually don't dance, let alone dance on a STAGE! haha, this was at a piano bar a few weeks ago...they played "billie jean" for me.

17. a picture of your spare time - i watch too much tv.

18. a picture of people who are closest to me - mi familia :)

19. a picture of someone who is always there - my parents.

20. a picture of a time in life i miss - the college crew! (well, one of them, lol) i miss seeing these people in class and at my campus job.

21. a picture from last summer - a much needed mini vacation to devil's lake with amanda.

22. a picture that makes me sad - my little dog that past away last summer :( i miss her a lot.

23. a picture that i always laugh about - my goofy sister.

24. a crazy picture - not too crazy, but look at those eyes!

25. latest picture of myself - my dad and i last weekend.

26. a picture of my parents at my age - this is actually my parents five years younger than i am now. i love this photo!

27. a picture of the best day of your life - this was another hard one to choose for. and it might seem weird that i'm posting a photo of my friends' wedding, since it was the best day of their lives, but it was such an amazing day and i was so happy to be a part of it.

28.  a picture of my favorite vacation - there were a lot of favorite vacations, but the one to peru was the most memorable.

29. a picture of an accomplishment - having my photo posted on shutter sisters.

30. a picture i am satisfied with.

even though this post took a while to create, it was a lot of fun. want to join in? leave a link if you do post the 30 photos :)



  1. Loved looking at all of the pictures!! I think the Las Vegas one is definitely my favorite. :D

  2. You are so pretty! And I think that if you like Las Vegas enough you should move here so we can HANG OUT!<3

  3. aww! thanks vanessa :) and i'd LOVE to move out to vegas and hang with you! considering it actually SNOWED here yesterday, i'm ready for a warmer location! haha.

  4. It did take forever to make,no? Haha I just finished mine tonight after seeing liz's post.. I saw yours in the comments so I came over to seeee.. So cute :) that trip to Peru looks amazing!

    My sad picture is the same as yours.. :( your little one looks like a sweetheart.

  5. thanks for stopping by sarah! i really loved your 30 photographs too, they were gorgeous! your photography is truly inspiring :)

  6. what a fun post! i love the one of you & your sis. you gals are stunning. :) thanks so much for sharing.