who killed rosie larsen?

i've mentioned a few times that i watch entirely too much television, and the amount of tv series that i try to keep up with is just ridiculous. (thank goodness a fair amount of them i can watch online, b/c i'm currently without a dvr.) since i'm waiting for a few of my favorites to come back (true blood, boardwalk empire, the walking dead, and the league), i've come across a new obsession: "the killing" on amc. this network has really stepped up their game with their original series. and this new show is so good! it all starts when a teenage girl, rosie larsen, goes missing and is later found dead. i won't butcher the plot here, ha, but you should check it out! it goes way beyond the basic "who done it?" storyline, and the characters are so well done. the first 4 episodes are available to watch online at amc's website.

do it! seriously.


  1. Yep, you aren't the only who watches too much tv! haha! ;]

    Sounds like quite the interesting show and I love stuff like that so I should give this a watch. :] xx

  2. haha, ok good. i'm glad that i'm not the only one.

    if you do watch it, i'd love to hear your thoughts about it :) there are quite a few twists already.

  3. (Hi there! I found your blog through hello vanny. :))

    I'm also obsessed with The Killing. I really like the slow build-up and the new things that they discover every day of the investigation. So good!

  4. hi dani, thanks for stopping by! <3

    i agree, i like the slow build and the new facts that come up. we're starting to learn a lot about the characters' back stories, which will probably add a few twists. and i think we've been introduced to the killer already, but i have no idea who it is, lol.

  5. I freaking LOVE the league. My friend got me into it and I can't wait for it to come back. You might also like Terriers (on FX). haha look at me trying to add to your TV addiction...

    I'll have to give The Killing a try :)


  6. i cannot WAIT for the league to come back! it's so well written, and it's cool that it takes place in chicago.

    i've heard good things about terriers, so i'll have to check it out :) thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Ooh interesting! I love those type of show but haven't heard of The Killing. I'll have to check it out. :)