makeshift fisheye lens :)

i already want to add more cameras to my lomo collection, and the fisheye 2 is the next one i'm hoping to buy :) since its kinda expensive, i'm deciding to wait until after christmas shopping (and bill paying) to purchase one. HOWEVER, i stumbled across this old instructables blog about a $11 Super Wide Angle Digital Camera. the title alone got my interest right away, esp the "$11" part...haha. pretty much all you have to do is go to a hardware store (i went to lowe's) and get a door viewer, or peephole, for around $8-$11. and you basically hold the door viewer up to the lens of you digital camera, zoom through the length of it, and you have a 200 degree wide angle distortion :)

it's pretty cool! i tried it out on my older canon powershot A520 with decent results. the viewer doesn't quite fit over my lense, and i kinda have to mess with the placement of it, but the test pics turned out pretty cool. now, if i can figure out a way to attach the viewer securely to my camera, i'll be in good shape ;)

this will definitely hold me over until i can buy the fisheye :)

*you will need quite a bit of light for these shots, and using a flash will leave shadows of the door view itself. i'm excited to try it out in the sunlight :)

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