a lot has happened since i last wrote here...i ordered my 09 fit and finally got it oct. 27th! very exciting! i absolutely love it, it is amazing. lol, however, she has already suffered some damage....so sad. i was driving to my parents' house the night of the 3rd, and a deer hit me while i was on I-90!!! it was running right towards my window, and before i could react, it bumped the driver's side. it didn't hit too hard, thank goodness, but it did leave a dent and a long scratch on the driver's side. i was so bummed :( its getting fixed this week tho, so she will be as good as new soon :)

i was super excited to be a part of history this election. this was my first time voting, which i found pretty common among people i've talked to. tuesday night was amazing and moving :) i got chills listening to obama's speech. i can't even imagine how awesome it must have been to be in grant park that night.

what else... work has been pretty crazy, but it's starting to calm down a bit. i've been able to work on a lot of cool projects, so that's always fun :)

still taking pics like crazy ;) check out the latest on my flickr

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