share the beauty: face care

i've noticed that i've received a lot of views recently on my skin post from a while back, and i've been meaning to write an update post on the products that i am currently using. so when lauren, leonora, and heather posted that the next share the beauty post would be about face care, it was perfect timing!

below are the products that i use to care for my face:

1. st. ive's green tea scrub - for a scrub it's pretty gentle, but i only use it at night or after the gym.

2. tea tree skin clearing facial wash - i use this along with the facial brush in the mornings. it's very gentle on it's own, but the facial brush acts as a loofah for your face, and it lathers up quite nicely.

3. facial brush

4. tea tree water (toner) - after i get out of the shower, i spray this toner on my face and let it dry before moisturizing. you can also wipe it off with a cotton ball if you prefer.

5. makeup remover cleansing towelettes - i use these after the gym or when i want to redo my makeup mid-day and i don't want to dry out my skin.

6. tea tree blemish fade night lotion - this is a great night lotion, and i like that it's very light.

7. tea tree skin clearing lotion - i use this to moisturize in the mornings before applying makeup

8. tea tree face mask - i use this mask about once a week since it does dry me out a little bit. but i like it a lot, and have used it for acne spot treatments at night.

9. tea tree oil - i love using this oil on any ance spots overnight, it does a great job of clearing up little blemishes.

i'm excited to see everyone's posts about face care since i'm always looking for new and effective products. if you do post, be sure to link up!


  1. After reading your post, and seeing the Lush tea tree water, I am going to order me some of those tea tree tabs! Those look like fun... and I love me some lush!!!

  2. Oh I need to try the tea tree face scrub! It sounds delightful. Thanks for linking up : ) Hope to see you linking up again soon.

  3. Absolutely in love with all of these tea tree products! I have a Body Shop toner I'm using and love it (my first Body Shop product). I've used the Earth Therapeutics Facial Brush and it was a lifesaver for my skin when I found it.

  4. Hi There, I just spent a little time reading through your posts, which I found entirely by mistake whilst researching one of my projects. Please continue to write more because it’s unusual that someone has something interesting to say about this. Will be waiting for more!