william fitzsimmons

on friday chester and i saw william fitzsimmons at lincoln hall in chicago. chester introduced me to his music a while back, and i absolutely LOVE it. this was our second time seeing him together in chicago, and we were standing right by the stage. the show was so amazing, william fitzsimmons sounded incredible, and his band was awesome too. denison witmer played a great opening set. i can't wait to check out his music. and, as always, william was hilarious. haha.

the encore was amazing, he played another 2 songs with his band, and 4 by himself after that. my favorite song of his is "if you would come back home" (which i posted about here). i kept hoping he would play it, but after the 3rd encore song, i lost a bit of hope, lol. then he unplugged his guitar, walked to the edge of the stage RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, and played my song :) it was SO cool. below is my iphone footage of the song :)

William Fitzsimmons - If You Would Come Back Home from Stephanie Kelly on Vimeo.

i wish i would've recorded this song he played with his band too, but luckily the people in front of me uploaded their video. this was another favorite of the night. these guys are so talented.

such a great night! if you haven't yet, be sure to check these guys out!

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