recent instagrammin'

i've been really bad about posting recent photos on here :/ i didn't even finish the march photo a day challenge (i missed the last 4 days). however, i did want to share days 19-27, and a few instagram photos from the last few days:

1. fancy rockford riesling, courtesy of my awesome dad // 2. my mom made these amazing (and fancy) chocolate mousse shots for easter dessert // 3. my sister's glass of wine on our parent's deck // 4. my mom, my sister and myself had a chance to look through some of my grandma's jewelry. this necklace is my favorite. i've been wearing it for the past few days and i love it.

i've decided not to participate in the april photo a day challenge, but i will still but uploading to instagram regularly, so stay tuned for more photos here :) i'm hoping to bring back my "week/weekend" in photos posts, too. i feel like i've only been posting link up party stuff lately, and while i still plan on doing those for a while (b/c they are fun!) i want to bring back some original posts as well.

'til next time!


  1. love these. that first one with all the faces is awesome. & how beautiful that necklace is! oh wow.

    1. thank you & thank you! i adore that necklace, i've been wearing it almost every day :)