april's birchbox

birchbox delivery day is the best! seriously. i already can't wait for next month's box. if you've been thinking about signing up, i would definitely suggest trying it out. it's not a bad deal for $10/month.

below is what i received in my april birchox:

i haven't had the chance to try anything out, except for the nail polish... which i really like :) i am looking forward to using the hair mask since my locks currently need a little extra lovin', and i'm actually excited to try the laundry detergent. haha, how "adult" of me to be excited about laundry detergent. but it seems so easy and would take up a lot less space in my laundry room.

do you have a birchbox subscription? what goodies did you get this month?


  1. I just got my April Birchbox a few days ago and it was completely different from yours! Love the stuff you got, i'd be really excited to try that Amika hair mask!

  2. I don't have a Birchbox subscription because I live in Germany and we don't have Birchbox. BUT we have GlossyBox, which is basically the same thing. I love when it gets delivered! I always get so excited and I really cannot wait for my April box.
    The hair mask looks super interesting, I'd love to have a sample of that one day as well. :)

  3. I love the nail polish! I so wish I gotten a nail polish in my box because I'm such a nail polish addict and I love Zoya!