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this week's share the beauty link up is about eye makeup. over the past few years, i've really liked learning more about makeup products and trying out some new styles. i follow a handful of beauty blogs (i'll link them below), watch youtube video tutorials, and now have a fabulous subscription to birchbox (courtesy of my awesome parents). i really love birchbox b/c i can try out some wonderful products without having to pay for the full size. i try not to go overboard on my makeup spending, b/c honestly i can't afford it on a monthly basis. there are a few products in my routine that i will spend more money on b/c i do see a difference compared to the cheaper stuff, but mostly i try to keep it fairly inexpensive. and i'm always using coupons and points at ulta/sephora whenever i can!

below is what i use for my eyes currently, i'm always trying out new eyeshadow colors, but this is what i'm using at the moment:


i'm embarrassed about how long it took me to really give any attention to my eyebrows. i mean, i tweezed, but that was as far as i went. i recently bought a groupon for an eyebrow threading at a local salon b/c i didn't trust myself to "shape" my own brows. i highly recommend going to a salon to get your eyebrows shaped! it's usually fairly cheap, and websites like groupon and living social are always offering deals. once you have your eyebrows shaped, it's pretty easy to maintain them yourself. i also recently found this tutorial about how to groom your eyebrows, be sure to check it out! (steph has a bunch of great tutorials on her blog too.)

1. e.l.f eyebrow/eyelash gel in clear - i love using this gel to keep my eyebrows in place. and it's only $1 at target!

2. e.l.f. eyebrow kit - also picked this up from target for $3... this is a great kit for filling in my brows and keeping the ends in place.


3. clinique touch base for eyes in canvas - this is a great eyeshadow primer that i have been using for years! it makes my shadow last all day and it never creases. it's a bit pricey, but it does last a long time. little tip: keep the foil cover on so the primer doesn't dry out before it's gone.

4. maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow in tough as toupe - i recently picked this up at target and i'm obsessed with it! it's thick, creamy, and easy to apply with my fingertip. it definitely lasts until i wash my makeup off at night.

5. e.l.f. eyeshadow in pebble - i use this shadow on top of the color tattoo to gradually blend it to my brow bone. since the color tattoo is so thick and set in place, it's a little hard to blend up on its own, so this e.l.f. shadow is great for that purpose.

6. e.l.f. eyeshadow kit in warm - i found this little beauty on sale at target for.... $3!!! incredible! i really like all of the colors in this set. i'm drawn to warm neutrals when it comes to eyeshadow.

7. eyeshadow brush - the shadow brush i use i actually picked up at sephora, but this e.l.f. one is very similar. it took me a while to ditch the cheap eyeshadow applicators and use brushes, but now i'll never go back.

8. eyeshadow smudge brush - i use this to smudge darker colors on the outer corners of my eyes inward.

9. eyeshadow crease brush - i use this to blend the color in the crease... self-explanatory, lol.


10. laura geller i-care waterproof eyeliner in cafe mocha - i received this in a birchbox a few months back and i LOVE it! although it is pricey, i'm looking to replace it when it runs out. i love it that much. it's the perfect brown for a daytime/softer look.

11. almay eyeliner in brown/black - this has always been my to-go eyeliner before the cafe mocha above. it stays put for the most part, and i like to use this when i'm going out at night. it's not as harsh as a jet black, but still dark enough for a nighttime look.


12. eyelash curler - i just recently started using a curler and i like it a lot. it takes 2 seconds to use, so i don't really have an excuse not to do it. i use it right before i apply mascara. i picked my curler up at target, but you can buy them anywhere.

13. maybelline lash stiletto mascara in very black - i've been using this mascara for years and i really like it. it's thick, so it doesn't take forever to build up, and it dries quickly.

and that's it for my eyes! haha, seems like a lot but it goes fast. here are a few links to check out that i mentioned above:

holly ann-aeree (youtube videos about face care, hair care, makeup product reviews and application tutorials)

hair and makeup by steph (hair & makeup tips/tutorials from a professional)

keiko lynn (makeup tutorials and product tips, also a great fashion blogger)

the small things blog (makeup & hair tutorials from a professional)

love. life. babies (lifestyle blog, but i really enjoy steph's post on makeup, face care, etc.)

the beauty department (everything beauty!)

AND of course, if you haven't checked out heather's blog, do it! i'm really loving her the beauty files series.
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