another 7 questions! #6

my bff dana & i many years ago. lol, i think these are our "badass" faces. total fail on my part.

1. would you rather have your life be a constant vacation or always stay at home?
ooooh, this is a tough one! i LOVE going on vacations, but i would miss having a place to call home. i'd like to have a little stability.

2. what is your favorite book (it can be any book! cook book, picture book, whatever!)
i really need to catch up on my reading, but the last book i read that i really liked was "the lovely bones". i also really love shel silverstein's "falling up" and the "scary stories to tell in the dark" collection by alvin schwartz :) the illustrations (by stephen gammel) were SO well done, and terrifying!

3. you have to be on a reality tv show - which would you choose?
is "what not to wear" a reality tv show? lol. it would be fun to get a complete makeover. otherwise maybe one of the real world/road rules challenges... maybe. i think it could be fun to travel somewhere exotic and actually do physically challenging competitions.

4. what is your favorite form of exercise? (running, zumba, step, etc)
as much as i don't really like to work out (who really does?), i find that i don't mind running as much as i used to, and i like pilates too.

5. what is one thing that you've never tried but are CONVINCED you hate? (foods, activities, etc)
i will not eat peppers. i don't think i've ever tried one, but i hate the taste of them when they are cooked with other foods. i can only imagine that biting into one intentionally would be awful for me.

6. do you have any hidden talents?
i can make the chewbacca noise, haha! and i can fold my tongue into a clover shape. classy talents, i know ;)

7. what's the best prank you've ever pulled?
gosh, i'm horrible at pranks! seriously! my sister is pretty amazing when it comes to pranks, but me... not so much. i can't even think of one good prank for this question. fail.

** update! i totally forgot about my favorite pranks to play on my coworkers. my friend chad taught me this one: ok, i work at an advertising agency and we are all on macs here. when a coworker was out to lunch, i took a screencap of her entire desktop (the dock, folders, background, everything) and set it as her new desktop background. then i moved the dock to the left hand side of the screen and "hid" it. she came back to her laptop and thought it was frozen b/c she couldn't open any of her programs. i think we let her even restart her machine once or twice before we let her in on the prank.

another one we did to a different coworker when he was away from his desk. we switched out the icons for most of his programs in the dock with programs that we never really use. (this is actually easy to do if you right click on the program in finder and "get info".) so his dock still looked exactly the same, but when he went to open safari, it would actually open dictionary... the mail app would open stickies, etc. HILARIOUS! at least to a few of us who were behind it, i don't think he was too happy about it. **

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  1. Hahaha! Awesome answers! I'm thinking a blog for the chewbacca noise is in order ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, I used to love "Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark" as a kid! The illustrations were so, so creepy (and great). I was really bummed out when I heard they were publishing a revised version of it with different illustrations because the original ones are suddenly too disturbing. I wish I could find an original copy!

  3. But can you put your tongue in a clover while making the chewbacca sound? Now that would be impressive.

    And I agree 'what not to wear' would be awesome. I am in total need of an all over makeover.

  4. I completely forgot about my love for Clinton and Stacy on What Not to Wear! I would LOVE to be that awkward 3rd wheel people makeovers is so much fun.
    I think we need a Vlog regarding your Chewbacca noise - I'm curious now :)
    Office pranks are definitely my favorite - gotta keep things upbeat and lively somehow!

  5. I've recently gotten in to pilates. I love it!