photoshop fun

i've gathered a few helpful photoshop tips and tricks when it comes to photography, and thought i'd write up a little post and share some helpful links. the photo used in these examples i took last spring for my picture spring online class, "Day 5: Getting Grounded".

i first learned about gradient maps on nick's tutorial is super easy to follow. i use gradient maps on nearly every photo i upload, either here or on flickr. it really adds that little bit of character to a photo.

i really enjoyed ana's diy photoshop processing post. i made a few adjustments in the last step, and i really like how it came out. a similar feel to the gradient map photo, with a little more pop.

one of my favorite sites for all kinds of photography tips and tricks is phototuts. they have really helpful posts about shooting and a ton of posts about post processing too. i came across this post about photoshop actions earlier today and tried a few of them out. this is the first time i've used actions, crazy i know, but hope to develop a few of my own.

below are actions from kalifbananeshareef saadi, and night-fate.

do you have any favorite photoshop tips or tricks? or any favorite actions you've seen around?



  1. this is awesome. what a great post & nice collection of resources. :D i will share a link to this post as well. great photo too. i like the night-fate action 3 photo.

  2. thanks ana! and sorry for the weird formatting with my comment on your post, lol. i tried to fix it and failed.

  3. Wow !! Thank you !! This is very helpful. I'm a photoshop addict, and always looking for a free photoshop action & PSD out there
    I haven't compile my free resources, but some of free PSDs are here (under Freebies)
    I'm your new blog follower, by the way :)


  4. So happy to have found your blog. I am going to test these out as well. I just got Photoshop and it is so much fun!