instagram fun

i've been pretty hooked to the instagram app ever since i got my iphone a few months ago. i check it all the time, more than facebook and probably as much as twitter. it's different from many other iphone camera apps in that it has it's own network: you have your own account, you can follow others' instagram feeds, and you can even like & comment on photos too. it's like twitter and flickr combined. 

i was excited to see photojojo's newsletter today, 10 Totally New Ways to Play with Instagram. i even decided to check out 2 of the options for viewing and managing your stream online. (that was the one thing i was hoping to find, a way to view instagram stuff on my computer.)

Inkstagram is a great way to view your feed in your browser. you can even like and comment on photos through this web app. pretty cool.

instagrid creates a gallery of your instagram photos. you can view your web gallery in a grid format (like the photo above) or in a list format, showcasing each photo at a larger size. you have your own page, and a link that you can send out to friends and family. here's mine

the newsletter write up offers a ton of cool links for viewing, sharing, and printing your instagram photos. photojojo does a great job with their newsletters, and their shop is awesome!


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