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elsie (of a beautiful mess) recently posted about her favorite iPhone camera apps. she has amazing examples and helpful reviews. i was excited that i had already played with all but one of the apps she reviewed, haha. be sure to check it out if you're looking for some iPhone photo fun.

when i first got my iPhone this year, i downloaded A TON of photo apps. i read some reviews, but mostly i just downloaded anything that looked cool. i wish i would have spent a little more time researching, only because a lot of the photo effects offered are overlapped in the apps i purchased. anyway, here are a few of my favorites:

i probably use CrossProcess the most out of all my apps, and i usually use it when uploading photos on twitter. the effects are really great, and it's definitely worth the $1.

after CrossProcess, i use Instagram the most often (username: stephkelly if you'd like to follow me.) the effects are really great, and the best part is it's FREE! usually free apps are sometimes not even worth the download, but this one i would highly recommend :)

Pocketbooth is so much fun! and another inexpensive one at $1. you can easily post to facebook and twitter, and even print your photostrip, right out of the app.

PictureShow offers the most dynamic effects out of my photo apps. sometimes they are a little intense for me, but it's fun to "refresh" and see all the cool options it comes up with. i want to start using this one more often.

i created an iPhone photo set on flickr, so be sure to check that out too if you'd like!

haha, i can't even fit any more downloads into my photography folder. time to start another one ;)


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