aaaaaand i'm back

so in my last post here (forever ago), i decided to move my blog from this location to tumblr. tumblr is great, and i'm still keeping up a blog of sorts over there, but i decided that blogger is better for what i'm looking to do now. i still plan on posting on tumblr, but it will probably be more random. i'll post more writing and structured updates here from now on :)

i moved into a new apartment with two of my good friends the last week in february, so this past weekend was my first real weekend in a long time...and it was fabulous. i had a quiet night in with dana and kristin on friday, and finally saw "scott pilgrim vs. the world". great movie! saturday was spent celebrating mig and joy's birthdays downtown. it was so great to see everyone! mig's birthday celebrations are usually a great opportunity to catch up with a lot of people i don't get to see that often. sunday was spent relaxing with the guy, and we managed to sneak in a little shopping ;) we went to anna shea's, and i already want to go back!

and lastly, i have a new favorite iphone app: SmallPlanet. i saw srslyliz upload a photo she generated on her instagram feed, and i had to check it out. it's so fun! the app takes google street view info and wraps it up in a little "planet". ha. below are my favorite edited shots i generated (schaumburg and chicago area):

so that's all for this first post back. as always, i'm hoping to update here a lot more often, so be sure to check back.

oh, i want to thank katrina at pugly pixel for providing the fabulous (and free!) clip art that i used on this blog. i also downloaded her new layout over at powered by pastries. super easy to customize, i love it!


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