new things

i made a few cowls for some friends as christmas gifts, and after completing some glove orders recently, i was finally able to make a cowl for myself :) it's super comfy, and not too thick, which will be nice for the upcoming spring weather. i'm starting on another one already, in a light purple, and i'm trying out some new stitches. i'll post photos here.
i was in Texas for a work video shoot this week, and wasn't supposed to be back til late on st. patrick's day. luckily i got on an earlier flight and was able to meet up with my friends at a local irish bar for a few drinks. it was my friend dana's birthday, and even though the bar was crazy busy, we had a great time :)

there were quite a few march birthdays to celebrate this weekend, and it was a lot of fun. we hung out downtown at social 25 on friday, and had a blast bowling & drinking in the wrigleyville area on saturday. i'll spare you the slightly drunken photos, haha. 

now i'm off to pittsburgh tonight for a video shoot tomorrow. busy busy busy.



  1. what a great looking cowl! :D looks like one fun night there too. you have an adorable blog.

  2. thanks so much! i just discovered your blog earlier today and love it :)