my grandfather's cameras

my dad was going through my grandma's old boxes in the basement and found a few of my grandpa's old cameras. they were tucked away in a "garage sale" area! ha, i couldn't believe it. i was so excited when my dad gave me 3 of the cameras: a Spartus Full-Vue Relfex Style Camera, a Baby Brownie, and a Reflekta. they were all in good condition, well taken care of by my grandpa. and the Brownie & the Spartus still had the original boxes, and even instructions! very cool. and it's neat to know that my grandpa and i had similar interests. i wish i could have talked to him about photography and these cameras. i think there might still be a roll of film in the Baby Brownie! i'm going to do some research and figure out if i can still get it developed somewhere.

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