watching: boardwalk empire of course, the walking dead, and american horror story asylum. those are the three big ones i try not to miss each each week. all of their most recent episodes have been fantastic! i still watch grey's anatomy, new girl, 666 park avenue, revenge, and the league when i remember that it's on. those i usually catch up with on hulu. i've also started watching parenthood on netflix. i've heard so many good things about the show, and i really like it so far.

listening to: a whole lot of brooke fraser. i'd never heard of the new zealand singer before nat's post last month, but i am now hooked! her album flags is beautiful. i really love "who are we fooling?", "orphans, kingdoms", and "may waltz". she also has william fitzsimmons sing on the track "you can close your eyes", which is pretty much the best thing ever.

thinking about: ways i can cut back on most of my spending over the next several weeks, so i can manage my christmas shopping budget more effectively. i'm also hoping to make a few gifts this year.

anticipating: my 10 year high school reunion in a few weeks! i cannot believe that i'm old enough for a 10 year reunion, ha! that's just crazy. even though i keep up with a group of hs friends on facebook, i think it will be cool to see everyone again.

loving: this cold weather, believe it or not. i've been obsessed with cozy sweaters, leggings and boots lately. and i really like not having to use heat or a/c in the apartment right now. i know that it won't last long, but for now, it's nice on our wallets.

i'm also loving the afterglow app (used in the photos above). the photo filters are subtle like the vsco app, and i really like the cropping features... especially the circle one.

looking forward to: a lot of fun events coming up this month and next: craft night next week with the girls, my friend's annual christmas kick-off party, ice skating downtown for a friend's birthday, and christmas shopping :)


  1. Isn't it insane how easy it is to get addicted to TV shows? I watch all the ones you mentioned pretty much!

    1. yes! it's crazy! and i had a feeling we watch a lot of the same shows ;) they are so good!

  2. Lovely post! So glad you're listening to one of my favorite artists ever :)
    Those 3 songs are lovely, along with "Something in the Water" and "Betty".


    P.S, if you want to watch one of the best shows ever, watch "Once Upon a Time", it's amazing!