halloween festivities

i just wanted to share a few photos from the weekend. the bedford was a lot of fun, and our friends jason & jorie (pictured below in photo #4) won 1st place in the costume contest!

1. drive's ryan gosling // 2. cleopatra & driver // 3. batgirl & i // 4. puppet and her puppet master

1. batgirl saving the bank from robbers // 2. day of the dead skeleton & i // 3. bare knuckle boxer, myself, & driver // 4. yin & yang

i meant to take photos last night at the bar, but i forgot :/ womp womp. i did win 2nd place in their costume contest though, so that was pretty cool! 

hope everyone had a safe & happy halloween! 'til next time...


  1. I am loving all of these Halloween posts...it is so fun to see everyones costumes...you look great!!

  2. These costumes look great. Really liking the puppet and puppet master!