i tricked my iphone into not focusing on chester's christmas tree. easier said than done, haha.

watching: BOARDWALK EMPIRE! holy crap. **if you are not caught up, please stop reading here** the last episode had me jumping up from the couch at the end. "i need a bath, some chow, and then you and me sit down... and we talk about who dies." wow, talk about badass! al's reveal was pretty cool too. i'm still upset about owen being shipped back to nucky in a damn box, but this episode took away most of the sting. i'm really excited to see how the finale plays out. i have a feeling it's going to be pretty tough to take out gyp, but it will make for a great battle.

and i'm really sad to say that american horror story asylum is starting to lose my interest. i loved the first season, but i feel like this season is too all over the place for me, and much more gory than scary. i'll watch the remainder of the season, but i'm not as excited about it as i once was :/

the walking dead is still pretty badass! i'm excited to see how the mid-season finale goes.

listening to: a little christmas music, a little mumford & sons, and a little coldplay.

reading: well, i ordered summer of night from amazon a while ago, but i still haven't started it yet :/ BUT i did already make a cute pom pom bookmark for it, haha. 

looking forward to: spending saturday downtown with some of my favorite people, to celebrate my friend ryan's 30th birthday. we have the whole day planned out, and i'm happy that it will be much warmer out than it was earlier this week. 

and i'm really excited about christmas, of course. i'm eager to decorate the apartment a little more, and finish up some cozy crochet projects.

loving: that "friend" secret santa is going so smoothly this year. this is actually the first year we've done it, due to everyone's tight holiday budgets. a friend suggested using elfster this year, and it has made everything so much easier. names are drawn randomly and emailed out, and we can create a wishlist to help our secret santa. pretty cool.

making me happy: i'm still pretty excited about being published in mollie makes :), lazy sundays at chester's place, craft nights with my favorite ladies, not having to move in february (we're resigning our lease), hot chocolate, and our plans to check out the christkindlmarket downtown this weekend.

thanks, as always, to danielle for the currently post idea :)

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  1. Oh! I'm watching American Horror Story too. This season is definitely all over place. I wish it was more cohesive and less gory.