photojojo's iphone scuba suit!

i'm a huge fan of photojojo's camera products and accessories (remember this post reviewing the easy macro lens band?), and i have been eyeing the iphone scuba suit since it was released. when chester and i booked our trip to cancun in september, i knew that i wanted this case to bring along to the beach, pool, etc.

so i ordered it last month and was so excited to try it out! but, i have to be honest, the first case i received was defective :( i tested it out (empty of course), following the instructions on the packaging, and sure enough... there was a considerable amount of water on the inside. so, my advice, please test out this case EMPTY, they will NOT replace your iphone if it's damaged. i was pretty bummed, but i also knew that photojojo has an amazing customer service department. so after a few emails, i received a new case. i tested it out, and it works great!

below are a few shots i took at my pool the other day:

so, does it allow me to take great underwater photos without the risk of any water damage? absolutely. but i do have to say, it is a little difficult getting the shutter to release. at least for me. on the built-in camera app, the shutter button is so close to the bottom of the screen, i had a really hard time getting it to respond... i had to push the shutter pretty hard, and it only worked about half the time :/ BUT i did download the photo app camera genius, which allows you to turn the entire phone screen into a shutter button, and that made things a lot easier. i still had to press pretty hard on the screen, but it did work. i only had this problem when i was shooting under water. above water the shutter works just fine.

has anyone tried out this waterproof case? or any other ones out there? this is a (brand) new area of iphoneography to me, and i can't wait to explore it :)

**update** i had to add this in b/c i'm pretty stoked about it! photojojo retweeted my pool photo collage i posted over the weekend! ha, anyone else get excited when they're retweeted like this? hopefully it's not just me ;)

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