i wanted to share some photos from my last week in july, since i actually managed to take a few. it was my friend joe's birthday, and on the 28th we all celebrated by seeing steve rannazzisi at zanies in rosemont. he was HILARIOUS! i'm a huge fan of the league (steve plays kevin, the league commissioner), so it was pretty awesome to meet him after the show. and he was nice enough to take photos with everyone who wanted one.

before that saturday, i hadn't really checked out this new area in rosemont. chester and i have been to the muvico movie theater before (and actually that day to see the dark knight rises), but we've never really hung out in that area. it's really cool! they have a couple bars and a few restaurants up, and have a big lawn area where you can hang out and sometimes listen to bands play. when you live in the suburbs, nothing really compares to the hanging out in the city, but i feel like this area is a happy medium.

this outing was particularly special b/c our very good friends denny & krystina were in town! (they moved out to LA in early april of this year.) we've missed them SO much, and even though we only had this one night with them to hang out, it was so good to see them :)

my weekend was unfortunately cut short when i had to fly out to washington d.c. early sunday for work. womp womp. but, we did have a little down time sunday night, and i snapped these photos before & after seeing the dark knight rises at the smithsonian imax. yes, that was my third time seeing it in 2 weeks. yes, it was really good on a true imax screen. and yes, i'll probably see it again in theaters ;)

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