remember when i shared that animated gif of my friend/coworker brian & i on the company canoe trip? well, here is the video! we were finally able to get an edit together when our lost gopros were found about a week after the trip :)

loving: hot air popped popcorn, with coconut oil melted over top & a sprinkle of garlic salt. it might sound like a weird combo, but it is seriously good! i'm also loving the drop in temperature here lately. i can feel fall on its way, and i can't wait.

reading: well, i just finished still missing by chevy stevens. it was such a good book! i had a really hard time putting it down. ** don't worry, no spoilers here.** it's about a woman in her late 20s, annie, who is abducted by a complete psychopath & held hostage in a remote mountain cabin for over a year. the story is told through annie's sessions with her therapist. it's as if the author pressed "play" on the tape recorder for each session, and that's how the chapters unfold (they aren't even called chapters but "sessions"). i thought that was nicely done. the book gets pretty heavy at times, but i was so interested in how she ended up escaping alive, and how she tries to heal after such a horrific event.

next up, i'm going to start gone girl by gillian flynn. i've heard good things about this book, and have even seen a couple bloggers post about it, so i'm looking forward to starting it.

watching: um, shark week!!! and the newsroom, although i missed it last night b/c of shark week. i figured i could catch a re-airing tonight. and pretty little liars. yep, still pretty hooked on that one. aaaand i think i might be slowly giving up on true blood. i just don't look forward to watching it on sunday nights anymore :/ i'm sure i'll still watch the re-airings when nothing better is on.

anticipating: our vacation to cancun in september!!! chester and i are staying at the all-inclusive, adults only secrets the vine resort. the resort was highly recommended by our friend/travel agent, and it actually doesn't even open until august 20th. this had me a little nervous at first, but now i'm just excited. this is my first visit to mexico (i've only been out of the country once before, to peru in high school), and i'm happy that it will just be the two of us. :) i'll be sure to take a ton of photos to share when i get back.

listening to: slow runner. they opened for william fitzsimmons a year or two ago. chester and i really liked them. one of my favorite tracks off their 2011 album damage points is "devil moon".

working on: well, i'm not working on it yet, but i want to make some awesome leg warmers/boot socks to go with my boots this fall. i love this tutorial for a lightweight sweater version (pictured on the left), and i like the idea of creating a crocheted version of the photo on the right. they wouldn't take too long to crochet, and i could make them in a bunch of colors! :)

wishing: that things will work out exactly how they are supposed to. i do believe that everything happens for a reason, but sometimes it becomes difficult to constantly remind myself of that. maybe i'm wishing for a little more faith, too.

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