7 questions #19

singing our hearts out to "living on a prayer" at my friends' wedding. such a good time!

1. bold or understated?
it depends. usually understated in every aspect, except when it comes to my lipstick... i like it bold ;)

2. you have to survive alone in the wild and you only get to take one thing with you. your choices are: a pocket knife, a water bottle, or a book. which would you choose and why?
i first thought water bottle, but that will only get me so far. i would choose one of those crazy pocket knives with a million little tools in it. i feel like that would be the most helpful in the wild.

3. thirty two cows, seven eight chickens, how many didn't?
i have no idea what this means...

4. would you rather die doing one legendary act of service or do small acts of kindness that may go unnoticed every day?
well, assuming this isn't a choice between living and dying (right?), i would still choose small acts of kindness. even if 90% of the people i helped didn't notice, the other 10% would make everything worth it. i like the idea of helping many many people over time as opposed to one person (or group) just one time.

5. happiness is attainable.

6. can you laugh without smiling?
not genuinely.

7. do you pop your knuckles?
yes, but only occasionally.

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  1. I love your answers, and i love everyone's answers to what happiness is. :) and the answer to #3 is 25

  2. oh my goodness. we sang our hearts out to that song at our wedding! :)
    glad I found ya through the link-up!


  3. I LOVE that picture, everyone's faces are great! I said the same thing for #5!

    Stopping by from the link up! = )