my favorite new (iphone) lens

for christmas my parents bought me the easy macro cell lens band from photojojo and it has easily become my favorite phone accessory. it's a tiny plastic macro lens attached to a rubber band that goes around your phone, and what i really liked about it - you don't need to remove your case to use it. win! when i was testing this bad boy out christmas day, i was really surprised at how well it works, and it's only $15! 

1. blackberry // 2. gold christmas ornament // 3. california flower // 4. red & yellow christmas ornament

you have to get really close to your focal point in order for the camera to focus, like, an inch or so away. so be careful if you're shooting anything liquid! haha. it can be a bit challenging to get a shot without motion blur, so i recommend holding your phone in a way that keeps your hand(s) steady. but i got used to it pretty quick. the lens does a great job with depth of field too, so you don't have to "add" the blurred edges later in instagram or another app.

here are some macro shots from my trip to california:
1. sea shell on the beach // 2. tiny pink coral in the sand // 3. algae!!!

another bonus of the lens only being able to focus inches away from your subject, you can achieve awesome bokeh shots. i need to explore this more, but i really loved how our christmas tree looked from a few feet away. 

seriously, the best $15 iphone lens i've seen. my dad even got one for himself and one for his boss for christmas :)

i have a few things i want to share soon, like all my photos from my la jolla & san diego work trip, and my birchbox goodies (which will get here after the 10th), and photos from the oh strumpets! valentine's craft swap (i'm just waiting for my partner jen to receive he package... i got mine yesterday and it was awesome!).

til next time! xoxo

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