my february birchbox

i finally received my second birchbox in the mail last week. this is what was inside:

1. beauty blender - i've been wanting to try out a blender like this for a while, so i was excited to see it in the birchbox. i haven't tried it yet, but i think it'll work great for applying cream blush.

2. orofluido elixir - this hair oil smells great. i'm a big fan of hair oils. my hair is getting pretty long now and this stuff keeps my ends moisturized between trims. it's also great to use before drying my hair, it adds a layer of protection from the heat.

3. jouer luminizing moisture tint - i like tinted moisturizers, especially in the summer when i need to speed up my makeup routine and get out of the hot apartment. i was a little disappointed in the size of this sample, it's so tiny! oh well, hopefully i can squeeze a week's worth out of it :/

4. voilent lips temporary lip tattoos - really? when am i ever going to use these? a little disappointed in this selection too. i guess i'll save them for halloween :/

5. heart shaped nail file - as an extra, it's not too bad. i think i'll keep it in my purse, i've found the need to have one at work but i always forget to bring one from home.

6. eye rock designer liner - i did not receive this in my birchbox, but my coworker did in hers, and she graciously gave it to me (she had no use for them). again, not something i would usually wear, but maybe for a big night out, or for my trip to vegas in may... anything goes in vegas ;)

overall i was underwhelmed with this month's selection, so i'm hoping the march birchbox is stellar :)

i also wanted to share a few new beauty products that i'm currently obsessed with right now:

1. carol's daughter tui leave-in conditioner - since my hair length is almost to my elbows (crazy!), i NEED to use a leave-in conditioner post shower. and this stuff is amazing! my hair gets pretty tangled  b/c of the color damage, and this stuff makes brushing it a breeze. and it smells so good! it's a little pricey for a leave-in at $12, but it works so well for me that i'll continue to buy for sure.

2. smashbox photo finish foundation primer - a friend recently raved about this product, so i made sure to grab a sample on a trip to sephora. and yes, it is awesome. you just need to apply a little bit all over before applying foundation, and it leaves your skin feeling so silky. super easy to apply makeup after using this. 

3. hydrating orofluido conditioner - i was able to snag this conditioner for free with my ulta points, and i love it. it smells so so good.

til next time,

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