currently loving...

hello there! just wanted to share what i'm loving from this week...

ingrid michaelson's new album, "human again"

not to sound at all like a music snob, but i have loved ingrid michaelson since i downloaded her first album in 2007, "girls and boys", after hearing the way i am in an old navy sweater commercial. i still love that album to this day, and the two that were released since then. my sister loves her too, so we've seen her the past couple times she's made it to chicago. her latest album, "human again" just came out this week, and i fell in love all over again. haha. so sappy. i'm glad this one is back to the edgy/angry vibe a little bit. the lyrics are so well written. my current favorites are ribbons and how we love... always you is incredibly beautiful too. she released her spring tour dates, and i snagged 2 tickets for the chicago show. i cannot wait!

the descendants

i just recently saw this movie with a couple girlfriends, and i loved it so much. i remember seeing the trailer on itunes months ago and instantly wanted to see it. then it started gaining all this press, and i hoped it that wouldn't fall short of the hype. it certainly did not. it is beautifully acted, quite funny and tragic all at the same time. and a 90% on rotten tomatoes! seriously, if you get the chance, go see it.

i'm eagerly awaiting my next birchbox, which should be here any day now, so i'll do another post about those goodies. i also have some new beauty favorites i plan on sharing, and a more in depth look at photojojo's easy macro cell lens band that i received for christmas (and i absolutely LOVE).

hope you all are having a good weekend! we're celebrating a friend's birthday tonight, then i'll be in san diego for a video shoot early next week. hopefully i'll be back midweek with a post or two.


  1. I love Ingrid Michaelson! Can't wait to hear her new album. :)

    1. i'm positive you will love it daniela! it's that good :)