goal for the new year...

i know a lot of people make the resolution to work out (more) at the beginning of a new year, including myself, and the motivation usually tapers off before spring hits. but this year i feel like it will be different for me, and i'm pretty excited about that :) i actually started a workout routine near the end of october, and although i'm not hitting the gym as often as i'd like just yet, it's definitely at the point where going to workout is becoming a habit, and i make sure to fit it into my weekly schedule.

i chose to blog about the ease into 5K app because it really is a great program for someone who's not used to running. to be honest, i hate running. i always have. but i know that it is a great overall workout for your body, so i decided to download the app.

the program is 9 weeks long, and does a great job of easing you into running. the bursts of walking in between really helped me out. i love that the app alerts me when it's time to run and walk, because trying to keep track of that while running would be impossible! what's also really cool is that you can load a playlist into the app so you don't have to sacrifice your workout songs in order to hear the app alerts.

i'm a little over halfway done right now. and i remember looking ahead to week 5 workouts when i was still in week 1 and thought, "no way can i do that!"... but now that i'm there, it's not so bad. each day is a push from the last, but it's still very attainable. and if i feel like i need more time until the next push, i just repeat the last workout (which helped a lot when i had a week between runs b/c of scheduling conflicts).

once i finish this one, i plan on moving onto the bridge to 10K app, which a friend of mine is doing right now. she says it's tough but she likes it a lot.

have any of you tried this program? or do you have another routine that works great for you? i'd love to hear :)

'til next time,

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