i was pretty excited when i found out that my mom got me a subscription to birchbox for christmas. i first heard about the monthly beauty subscription from liz at chanel & chocolate cake, and i like the idea of being able to try out new beauty products without having to pay $$$ for the full sizes at my local beauty store. this lovely package below what i received shortly after christmas:
jouer moisturizing lip gloss - the one i received is a really bright pink, but applies more sheer than i thought, so even though i'm not big on the bright pink shades, i think it will layer nicely with other lip colors.

oscar blandi pronto invisible volumizing dry shampoo - i have actually wanted to try this dry shampoo for a long time, but hesitated b/c of the price. and over the holidays, i ALMOST bought a travel sized can at ulta, and i'm so glad i didn't! i just used it yesterday and i like it a lot. it has a slight lemon scent, but it's not overpowering at all.

showstoppers designer fashion tape - haven't had a need for these yet, but i'm sure they will come in handy at some point.

harvey prince yogini perfume - i wasn't a big fan of this scent. it was a little too musky for me. but i'll probably throw it in a travel bag as a "just-in-case" scent to use.

EBOOST orange natural energy booster - haven't tried it yet, but i heard from other bloggers that it's good!

laura geller i-care waterproof liner - this was by far my favorite item in this month's birchbox!!! i received a full sized caffee mocha and i love it! it's a little lighter brown than my other go-to brown eyeliner (i wear brown about 90% of the time), but it's a nice change :)

so far i'm loving birchbox! i've heard that the monthly packages can be hit or miss, but i'm already looking forward to my next one. i've also heard a lot about a similar subscription service, myglam, that is getting rave reviews across the board (except for their website, yikes!). they are currently sold out of subscriptions, but i'm hoping to try them out too when the bags are back in stock. in the meantime, i'm totally content with birchbox.

anyone subscribing to birchbox, myglam, or another beauty subscription right now? did you get anything amazing? :)


  1. SO glad that you love Birchbox! I am probably going to sub to myglam soon, I need to know what the hype is about!!!

    1. i'm really curious too! hopefully the subscriptions will be available soon.... looking forward to your myglam reviews!