my trip to la jolla, ca

at the end of january, i traveled to san diego for a video shoot. and as luck would have it, we had some extra downtime after the shoot, since we weren't flying back to chicago until the next morning. my boss and i drove down to la jolla and took photos for a few hours by the beach. (his shots turned out amazing! be sure to check them out).

below are some of my film & iphone photos, the full set is on my flickr.

i was excited with the fisheye photos, it was my first time shooting with color film in that camera (my first roll was b&w). i forgot that i didn't have color film loaded into my diana mini, so i was a little disappointed with the roll... but they still turned out pretty ;)

i had a lot of fun messing around with the HDR options in Camera+, as well as combining filters from different apps. the shot looking down from the airplane window looks so photoshopped, but i swear it's not! haha. and those seals cracked me up! lazy dudes.

hope you all are enjoying your weekend! 'til next time...