share the beauty: hair beauty

it's time for another installment of "share the beauty", and this week the topic is hair beauty. here are my favorite products that i use to make my hair beautiful:

1. enjoy hair straightener - my stylist recommended this product to me a while ago and i love it! i work a tiny bit into my damp hair, through the middle of my hair to the ends. it helps straighten my hair as i'm blow drying, and it seems to speed up my blow dry time - win! bonus, it smells amazing. i picked this up at my salon, but ulta now carries it too.

2. big sexy hair spray and play hairspray - i don't really use hairspray often, but i need something with good hold (and flexibility) to keep my bangs in place when i go out. nothing annoys me more than seeing photos from a night out and my bangs are all stringy and gross, lol. this hairspray is great, and gets the job done. i picked this product up at ulta.

3. redken thickening lotion - when i got my hair trimmed last weekend, i asked if my stylist could recommend a product that i could use when lounging by the pool in vegas in may. something that would protect my hair from the heat, and something that i could use on wet hair that will air dry. she recommended this thickening lotion, and i really like it so far. it's light, and when i do dry my hair, it leaves it feeling soft. i picked this up at the salon, but ulta carries redken products in store.

4. redken aerate bodifying cream-mousse - this is another product that my stylist recently recommended, and i love it! i use it when i'm planning on drying my hair most of the way, and it leaves it feeling really soft and polished. before a blow dry, i alternate between this mousse and the enjoy straightener, depending on how i want my hair to look that day. again, ulta carries redken products in store.

and lastly, below is one of my favorite ways to wear my hair during the week, especially now that it's getting warmer outside:

yep, it's the sock bun! you'll think this is ridiculously funny until you try it, or at least i did. it's a great option when i want to wear my hair up, but want it to look a little more polished than my usual messy bun. here are few tutorials on how to create a sock bun: here, here and here. taking photos of my bun was a bit difficult, my apologies, but i think you get the point.

and there you have it, my take on hair beauty. be sure to check out everyone's posts on their hair beauty, and if you'd like to post, be sure to link up!


  1. You have purple hair?! or am I seeing things!!? or did I miss that?

    1. i do have purple hair :) a few big streaks on each side near the front. it's finally starting to fade a bit, which is why you can see it in photos. usually it's too dark to show up.